Älykkäät ratkaisut logistiikkaan

Watch in this video, how Tana Oy utilizes our order-terminal application!

It’s happening in Croatia!

Aksulit – A More Efficient Business Through Automatic Identification

The best practices for business efficiency usually require new insightful solutions. We recognize the logistical challenges of our client companies. We create automatic identification-based solutions for the management of goods, units and other fixed assets. We automate traceability data collecting and transaction recording.

We offer the best in automatic identification and practical RFID/NFC and barcode technology solutions for the businesses of our customers and partners.

Our business is based on partnership, understanding business operations and identifying opportunities for profit. Our way of solving things is by dealing with both big and small challenges as well as larger projects.

Our solution-friendly thinking means clear savings, peace of mind to concentrate on your core operations and the possibility for growth for our customers.

Our RFID Services

An unbeatable combination of expertise and the right technology for your use

Do you know how automatic identification can help you or your customers? New solutions and technologies can bring together cost and timesavings and reliability of information flow. We provide better customer service and we also help our clients in making business decisions based on real-time facts. Would you like to find efficient and modern solutions for your business’ or your customers’ practical challenges?

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