Solutions for Different Industries

The RFID technology we offer has advanced in the last year immensely and it has brought solutions to problems that were considered impossible before. RFID innovation brings certainty, solutions, savings and efficiency to operations.

Automatic identification has applications for many industries, such as transportation, personal and equipment expense tracking, inventory, order management and quality control monitoring. Identification technology is used successfully in food service, wholesale and public health services.

We happily bring our solution-focused thinking and inventive solutions to companies of all sizes, to eliminate grassroots problems. No logistical problem is too insignificant for us, nor too large to be evaluated – you’re welcome to come discuss your better future with us!

Case Paroc

RFID tags are attached to pallets. Wool pallets come from the adjacent property from a supplier. In addition to the EPC code on the tag, the user memory is also used to identify the pallet. The wool supplier has encoded a pallet on the production line.


In the shelving service solutions built for ETRA, customers of ETRA order the products they need by showing NFC cards to the reader device. Orders are transferred directly from the readings for ETRA as deliveries.

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