Finland’s Most Convenient Shelving Service

In the shelving service solutions built for ETRA, customers of ETRA order the products they need by showing NFC cards to the reader device. Orders are transferred directly from the readings for ETRA, to deliveries.

A missing card from the storage place means that an order is coming. Alongside the fresh supplies, the ETRA representative will return the read cards in the shelf back to the storage place.

Order information can be viewed on the service’s website, which offers the possibility to track the progress of events and statistics. The system’s benefits are ease of ordering, quick replenishment, and the ease of visibility. At the same time, unnecessary visits are eliminated.

Installation of a compact reader is made easy. The order-terminal is delivered by mail. To start up the terminal you only need to turn on the power and then it can start reading orders.

NFC Order-Terminal


  • Home Ordering for Shelving Services
  • Consignment Stock
  • Ordering
  • Service Calls

The employee of the end customer or the warehouse manager is the user

Available Benefits

  • Validity of ordered items
  • No missing items
  • Misunderstandings in the supply chain disappear
  • Unnecessary visits and transports are reduced
  • Timeliness and time saving in ordering
  • Customer experience and customer retaining
  • Improvement of delivery security
  • Trust and company image
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