Do you know how automatic identification can help you or your customers? New solutions and technologies can bring together cost and timesavings and reliability of information flow. We provide better customer service and we also help our clients in making business decisions based on real-time facts. Would you like to find efficient and modern solutions for your business’ or your customers’ practical challenges?


We strive so that the available technology is chosen together with the customer to best fit their needs. We have implemented applications for use with barcode, NFC, or UHF technology.

Using mobile solutions can increase the transparency of your operations and thus the efficiency. There are no more piles of papers and slow manual entries are not an obstacle to the organization. Our systems can be used on Android phones, handheld terminals or semi-permanent mounted NFC ordering terminals. Some examples for target applications are fixed assets management, ordering, information collection, marketing as well as repair and maintenance.

With the help of RFID automatic identification, you can easily enhance and automate ERP system tasks for time-consuming logging functions. When items to be received, sent or inventoried have been stocked with RFID tags, they can connect entries and functions to be done completely automatically. Also, in many of our implementations, processing of internal notification and stock transfers have been automated with the help of RFID. If you need more reliable traceability for exchange or fixed asset tracking, we recommend exploring RFID technology.

Please feel free to contact us, if you are looking for solutions to develop your business!